January 1, 2019 – a project begins

Every new year comes with New Year’s resolutions. Some people finally want to learn a new language, lose some weight, start doing sports etc. In my case I finally start a blog. 

This idea is in my mind for already quite at ime but I never found the ‘right’ starting point. Like many people all around the world I spent the Christmas holidays with my family. During that time we love to talk about our dreams, wishes for the coming year and so on. Me and my brother always like to discuss politics, economy etc. but also talk about our life. 

This year it was different compared to the years before, because in 2018 he started an online business he has never thought of. We discussed the unexpected success of his business quite often and I found it fascinating to see how his business was developing. Because of all the success I of course asked him about his ‘secret’. Besides persistence and some sort of economical will he said something that was so simple but apparently so difficult at the same time: ‘get started – the rest will follow!’ 

I never told him that I have this idea to start a blog for already quite a time but his sentence  was in my head ever since. 

Even though I do not have a concrete idea of how this entire project will develop yet, I am very happy to have done the first step and ‘got started‘.

Within the next time I will publish on my blog articles about different topics related to languages, cultures, travel and lifestyle (whatever that may include). 

Until then I wish all of you a fantastic start into the new year 2019!!!

PS: Let me know in the comment section below if you too already have or will start with a new project in 2019. Looking forward to reading about your projects.



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